Where Eagles Dare 300K

Ridewithgps link: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10975251

Note that while every effort has been made to make the ridewithgps route accurate and useful, your official route document is the cue sheet you will be given on the morning of the ride.  This is to accommodate possible last minute route changes due to construction, hazardous road conditions, etc.

Ride description: OK, I’ll admit to a bit of hyperbole in the route name but it does go past a nesting pair of bald eagles early in the ride and it does have a fair amount of climbing. Ridewithgps shows it as only a little over 8K feet but I don’t believe it for a second, I think it’ll be over 10K, so you’ll want to bring legs, or gears, or both! None of the climbs are super steep but there are several extended climbs in the 8%-11% range.

Details: We’ll leave from the rear parking lot of the Ramada Inn at 1450 Veterans Drive at 06:00 sharp.  Lights and reflective gear are required for this brevet and riders should arrive no later than 05:30 for registration and checkin. You can advance register using the link above.