Where Fledglings Dare 200K

News flash!

When I previewed the 200k and 300K routes last week they were both in great shape.

However, in their continuing desire to keep my life interesting, the County Highway department started construction today on a 5 mile stretch of road that is in the last part of the 200K route. Although the road was closed, I did ride it today and was able to get through but there were some areas that were rather tough to get through. However, they were in the middle of grading it when I rode through so it might be in better shape on Saturday.

So here’s what we’ll do:

I’ve developed a new end to the route, the gps file is here and I will have both the original route and the alternate on the cue sheet that you’ll be given at the start. The routes are identical until 113.2 miles. On Saturday, you can ride either route to the finish. They are both more than 200K so either alternative is acceptible. If you get to the junction and the original route looks OK to you go ahead and use it. If you don’t like the looks of it or don’t want to risk it take the alternate route.

The only appreciable diference between the two is the alternate route has one more little testing climb at 117.8 miles whereas the original route is relatively flat to the finish.

As I said, I’ll have a cue sheet and brevet card that has both alternatives on it and you can download either the original, the alternate or both onto your GPS and choose whichever you’d prefer.

Hope this is clear and I’ll be happy to answer any questions at the start.

See you on Saturday!

We’re doing a new format for 2017 by putting on brevets of multiple distances that share the same route for as much of the ride as possible. This one is a variation of our popular “Where Eagles Dare” 300K route except instead of continuing on after Spring Green to that punishing climb up CR-X we’ll take a leisurely, flat route back to Richland Center so the first 104 miles are “challenging” but then you have the option of a nice lunch in Spring Green followed by a gentle ride back to RC where we can talk about how great we all did!

The ride starts at 06:00 sharp, at the White House Ramada Inn in Richland Center. We’ll meet at the parking lot behind the hotel as always. Most riders should be able to complete this ride during daylight hours so lights and reflective gear aren’t required but if you’re a slower rider or think you might be delayed having the appropriate night riding gear isn’t a bad idea and might save you from a DNF if you fall behind your expected arrival time.

Here is a link to the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/10975251