Fennimore Frolic 200K

127.6 miles, 5 May 2018, ACP certified, start time: 07:00

Ridewithgps link:http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10686739

Note that while every effort has been made to make the ridewithgps route accurate and useful, your official route document is the cue sheet you will be given on the morning of the ride.  This is to accommodate possible last minute route changes due to construction, hazardous road conditions, etc.

Starting location: White House Ramada Inn, 1450 Veterans Drive, Richland Center, WI, rear parking lot

Ride description: This ride is a good early season route while we’re all still finding our form. Much of this ride is along the Wisconsin State Riverway. The route is fairly flat (for the area) and the climbs are moderate and well distributed through the ride with long flat to rolling stretches that allow you to put “time in the bank”. There are several convenience store controls along the route and Fennimore is an open control which allows riders to stop for lunch at a local restaurant if they want a longer break. This is the same route as the Fennimore 300K except it takes a more direct route to Boscobel.

Scenes along the way

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