Going for the Green 300K/Scale the Mound 400K

In their continuing effort to make my life interesting, WisDOT is doing some road construction on a portion of the 300K/400K routes. The construction is about 36 miles into the ride in the town of Woodman. I rode over there on Wednesday, 7 June and most of where they’re doing construction is very rideable but there is a short (40 feet or so) section that was impassable today. They’re installing a new culvert and had a 20 foot deep hole dug that spanned the road.
If at all possible, I’d like to do the original route so here’s what we’re going to do:
1. I’ve created a route that detours around the construction. In order to keep the detour as short as possible we’ll do about 7 miles on US-61 which has a very wide shoulder before exiting on CR-T and heading back to the original route. The 300K detour route is here and the 400K detour route is here.
2. I’d suggest those using GPS download both the regular and detour route for the distance they are riding.
3. I will check out the road construction late Friday and send a follow-up email then announcing whether or not we’ll be doing the detour.
As always, the cue sheet you’ll be given at the start is your official “guide to the ride” and will be the correct one for the route we’re doing.
Either way, it’s a small change to what are very enjoyable routes so we should have a good ride no matter which way we go. It looks like it’s going to be a hot one so make sure you’re prepared.
More details soon and I’ll see you on Saturday. Our start time is 05:00.
A few more details about the ride:
It looks as though it’s going to be a hot day (above 90) with winds out of the South/Southwest building in the afternoon. This should work in our favor as we should be able to get a lot of the first part of the ride done before it gets too hot and the wind gets too strong and we should have a nice push later on in the ride.
There’s a good bit of climbing on both the 300K & 400K routes – no 20% climbs but some fairly long climbs in the 8%-11% range that’ll test you especially when it’s hot.  I’ve indicated on the cue sheet where stores are along the route that aren’t controls but there are some tough sections without any shade. The longest stretch between services is between Boscobel and Cassville (about 50 miles) and it should still be early then so it won’t be TOO hot. In the afternoon when its hotter the longest stretch is less than 40 miles but there’s a lot of climbing and if it’s hot and the wind is blowing it’ll really dry you out in a hurry.
Make sure you’re prepared to handle the heat. An extra water bottle or CamelBak isn’t a bad idea just to make sure you stay hydrated.