Excelsior! Populaire

Our last ride of the 2018 season is a toughie! We’re going to tackle the regionally famous “Excelsior” climb (and a few others as well!). This is a nice loop that starts and finishes at the Kwik Trip at 378 W Seminary St in Richland Center and does a nice loop through river valleys and over some ridge tops that should have spectacular views of the fall colors. We’ll hit a control at Soldiers Grove then head for the main event at mile 42 – Excelsior!

There are plenty of steeper climbs in the Driftless – this one is “only” 12.5% at its steepest (although some report their GPS gives a higher figure) but you’re climbing for just under 1.5 miles. This climb was on the route for the Coulee Challenge and people did indeed find it to be a challenge.

But it’s the end of the season, we’re all in the best shape of the year and why not?

And if all else fails, we can break out the 24″ gear 😉


The ride will start at the Kwik Trip promptly at 08:00. Please advance register(!) or be there 30 minutes before the start.

See you there!