Going for the Green 300K/Scale the Mound 400K

A few more details about the ride:
There’s a good bit of climbing on both the 300K & 400K routes – no 20% climbs but some fairly long climbs in the 8%-11% range that’ll test you especially when it’s hot.  I’ve indicated on the cue sheet where stores are along the route that aren’t controls but there are some tough sections without any shade. The longest stretch between services is between Boscobel and Cassville (about 50 miles) and it should still be early then so it won’t be TOO hot. In the afternoon when its hotter the longest stretch is less than 40 miles but there’s a lot of climbing and if it’s hot and the wind is blowing it’ll really dry you out in a hurry.
Make sure you’re prepared to handle the heat. An extra water bottle or CamelBak isn’t a bad idea just to make sure you stay hydrated.