Loop Around Fredericksburg

Permanent number: 2528
68.3 miles, 2550 feet of climbing
Ridewithgps link here

This route is just like the name says: a loop around Fredericksburg. The Loop permanent doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for water. You can go slightly off route at Luckenbach to restock there or if you ride the route Wed-Sun the Alamo Springs cafe at 33.7 miles will be open. I typically stop at the Cafe and have lunch and reload my bottles. This is the last water opportunity on the route until the finish and I find that on a hot day I’ll have enough water to make it to the finish, but only just (I’m a bit of a guzzler though). If you do the route on Mon-Tues, the cafe is closed so your last chance will be Luckenbach at about 25 miles. This is a pretty long haul to the finish so if I ride the perm on those days and it’s warm I usually wear a camelbak.