A permanent is similar to a brevet in that you ride a specified route with timed control points but a permanent can be ridden at any time.

For 2020, the permanents program has changed substantially. Routes are now owned by RUSA and rides are administered directly through the RUSA site. In my opinion, RUSA has done a fantastic job of making this easy and it’s better in every way than the old system. Here’s what you do:

  1. Create an account on the RUSA site
  2. Sign up for the permanents program ($10 fee, payable via PayPal)
  3. Register for the permanent you want to ride. This will generate an electronic waiver.
  4. Download the route (link provided). You can either use a gpx file, print a cue sheet or both.
  5. Do the ride.
  6. Submit the results.

A number of former perm owners have submitted routes in Wisconsin, including me and there are several hundred routes nationwide in the RUSA library.

Go ride!