To Harper and then some

Permanent route number: 2941
126.3 miles, 5211 feet of climbing
Ridewithgps link here

This is an extension of the (Hats) Off to (Roy) Harper route. The two routes are the same through the first 83 miles then this longer route splits off and heads toward Luckenbach.

After exiting Fredericksburg, this permanent traverses Crabapple Rd to where it meets FM-965 then traverses Gypsum Mine road before heading more directly toward Harper. The climbing on the route is fairly front end loaded with most of it between 20 and 65 miles. There isn’t any water before you get to Harper at 52 miles so make sure you’re well supplied and Harper is your last chance for water on the route.

I typically stop for lunch in Harper at the Lone Star Cafe which is the control but I’ve also made it an open control for those who want a faster turnaround. You can pick up water or snacks at the Dollar General, Valero station or Dauna’s store.

Harper is your last stop for water before Luckenbach at a little over 100 miles. Note that a stop at Luckenbach is not required so if you’re OK on water you can continue to the finish.