Tour of the Driftless 1000K

New for 2018! Here’s the scoop:

  1. ACP certified so it counts for R5000, R10000 awards.
  2. Ideal for those chasing RUSA cups – 1000K’s are hard to find! Most are 1000K options tacked on to 1200K’s and if you’ve ridden 1000K you might as well get credit for the full Grand Randonnee.
  3. Goes through 4 states (WI, MN, IL, IA) for those chasing American Explorer states. How often can you do that in a single ride outside of New England?
  4. Low cost ($25).
  5. Three loops out of a hotel so no screwing around with drop bags.
  6. Host hotel rooms have fridge and microwave so you can stock up with whatever is your pleasure. Finish riding, throw some food in the microwave while you shower, eat, hit the sack.
  7. 3 days of riding in the beautiful Driftless region – does it get any better?
  8. As a pre-PBP year preference for PBP registration is given to those who’ve done longer rides so you’ll be in ahead of those who’ve only done an SR series.
  9. Excellent training for the Coulee Challenge in August! Very little overlap with that route so you’ll get an opportunity to explore lots of roads in the Driftless by doing both rides!
Sold yet? OK, here are the preliminary details:
Day One: 233.6 miles, 10,170 feet of climbing. Route here
Day Two: 214.6 miles, 8,497 feet of climbing. Route here
Day Three: 180.2 miles, 5,992 feet of climbing. Route here
More details coming so be sure to check back.