With 2020 in the rear view mirror let’s all hope that 2021 brings a return to normal and that we can go back to enjoying the sport we love! We’re doing our part with a full slate of events. We’re also listing “feature rides” from our Minnesota Randonneuring friends as well as those in the Quad Cities region. Be sure to check out the full schedule for both as you develop your plans for the year.

Without further ado, here’s the schedule for 2021:

24 April – ACP 200K “Fennimore Frolic”
8 May – ACP 200K “Blue River”
8 May – ACP 300K “Not So Horeble”
15 May – ACP 300K “Going for the Green”
15 May – ACP 400K “Scale the Mound”
29 May – West Union 300K
29 May – West Union 400K
29 May – West Union 600K
30 May – West Union 200K
5 June – ACP 200K “Nowhere but Norwalk”
5 June – ACP 300K “Wildcat Mountain Wander”
5 June – ACP 400K “Back in Black (River Falls)”
5 June – ACP 600K “Cranberry Country”
11 June – ACP 1000K “Tour of the Driftless”
26 June – Minnesota 600K
21 August – Minnesota 600K
11 September – 200K Anniversary ride (route TBD)
9 October – ACP 200K “Via Viroqua”

Some notes about the schedule.

West Union was the venue for two pre-PBP “Hell Weeks”. Although not spread over a week, the weekend will feature all of the distances in a Super Randonneur series. The idea is that you can either choose to do one of the longer rides on Saturday, make a weekend of it with a 300K on Saturday and 200K on Sunday or just come out for a single day ride. I’ve ridden all of the West Union routes and have enjoyed them so this should be a fun weekend of riding no matter which distance you choose.

Hope to see you on the road!