We’ve put a full schedule together for 2022 and are confident there’s something here for everyone regardless of whether your goal is to prepare for the next edition of Paris Brest Paris, to complete a Super Randonneur Series or simply to enjoy a few rides with friends.So browse through the calendar and make a note of the events you want to ride – or better yet – sign up!

Some notes and comments about the rides:

    • 2022 is a “Pre-PBP” year. What does this mean? Prior to the last PBP in 2019, the Audax Club Parisien gave priority registration based on the longest event completed in 2018. We’re supporting that by offering multiple long brevets up to our 1000K “Tour of the Driftless” and multiple opportunities to complete a Super Randonneur Series.
    • For those looking for something a bit shorter, we’ve also put events on the schedule to allow riders to earn the new “Rouleur” award. The longest brevet needed to earn this award is 200K and these rides promise to be fun outings on the roads in the beautiful Driftless. See this page for more information and check the calendar to sign up!
    • As they did in 2020, the ACP is commemorating the 100th anniversary of a brevet – this time it’s to celebrate the Centenary of the first 300K held on June 11, 1922. They’ll once again be offering a special medal as a memento of completing this special event.

Finally, we encourage you to have a look at the Quad Cities Randonneurs and Minnesota Randonneurs rides. We’re sure between these three regions there are many opportunities to meet your randonneuring goals, no matter what they might be.

Hope to see you on the road!