For those who are just now discovering this site and wondering randonneuring is all about, Randonneurs USA (RUSA) has created a video where a member talks about why she enjoys randonneuring.

Most riders that come to this beautiful sport come from a background of doing the occasional long ride and are perhaps looking for a non-competitive way to ride even longer distances. This is exactly what randonneuring is all about. The challenges are many: the distance, the weather, equipment, time management, nutrition, etc. The longer the distance the most important each of these factors are.

But a big part of the beauty of randonneuring is the camaraderie and shared experience. Randonneurs are generous with advice and help so if you’re new to the sport don’t hesitate to ask other riders for tips!

And where better to experience all of this than in the Driftless?

Enjoy the video!