About us

The Driftless Randonneurs is a region of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) that was created in August 2014.  We hosted our first brevet in October of that year and have hosted numerous ACP and RUSA sanctioned events since then.

The Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) for the region is Greg Smith who lives near Richland Center.  Greg started the region because he felt the area of SW Wisconsin is ideal for cycling with a wide network of paved and lightly traveled roads and he wanted to share some of his favorite rides and routes with others.  Greg has the additional goal of increasing the interest and participation in randonneuring within Wisconsin.

We offer a full brevet series each year that showcases the beauty of the area and also offer shorter rides that have something for everyone from the most seasoned anciens to those new to randonneuring.

Additionally, we’ve hosted our annual “Dart-Pop” weekend with a 125 km Dart Populaire on Saturday with a BBQ in the evening followed by a 100K Populaire on Sunday. These are low key rides at a relaxed pace where the emphasis is on camaraderie and enjoying the ride with friends old and new.

Come join us!

About “Driftless”

The region is in the so called Driftless Area  of Wisconsin.  We chose that name for our RUSA region both to highlight our location and as a clever (?) play on the word “driftless” as in “never lost”.  As has occasionally been said “I’ve never been lost but I have been mighty confused for a while”.

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