Nowhere but Norwalk 200K description

A new route for 2016, this ride takes us west of Richland Center and incorporates a number of lengthy stretches in river valleys along with the inevitable climbs over the ridge tops that links them together!

We leave Richland Center promptly at 07:00 and head north toward Yuba. We’ll do a brief stretch on Hwy 80 before turning off on CR-C just past Hub City. A long stretch on CR-C then a climb up toward our first info control where we’ll turn west and head through the Kickapoo Valley Reserve toward Ontario which is a popular start location for “floaters” on the Kickapoo River.

From Ontario, we head toward our second control at Norwalk followed by a stiffish climb up to the ridge tops headed toward our third control at Cashton. Our control is the Central Express and at 62 miles in this is a good stop for a bite to eat before continuing on. You can do either the normal c-store fare or they do made to order sandwiches. The Cashton area is a well known Amish community so watch out for those horses and buggies (not to mention the “deposits” on the road!).

From Cashton we’ll drop back down into the valley for a nice roll through the “town” of Avalanche then through to our next info control at Liberty. If it’s a warm day you can stop in the Liberty tavern and they’ll refill your bottles for you – nice people! Not long after that, a longish climb up and over a ridge then a descent on CR-E through Sabin toward Boaz. Make sure you look for the nesting bald eagles toward the west somewhere in the vicinity of mile 111.

A convenience store in Boaz gives the opportunity to refuel if needed then on to CR-Q and back to Richland Center.