The Rouleur Award

In 2021 the RUSA board created a new award – the Rouleur. The intent was to create a series of progressively longer events that could serve multiple purposes:

      • as an introduction to randonneuring
      • for riders who no longer want to do longer RUSA or ACP rides
      • to give regions the opportunity to create a series of low key events where the focus is on getting together and having fun enjoying an easier ride

In order to earn the Rouleur award, a rider must complete the following:

      • a populaire of 100-124 Km
      • a populaire of 125-149 Km
      • a populaire of 150-199 Km
      • a 200-220 Km brevet
      • an 8-hour Dart Populaire team randonnĂ©e of 120 Km or longer

We’re fully on board with the concept and naturally we’re putting our own twist on the events. We’ll be holding the populaires over two weekends with the 100 Km and 125 Km events on tap first then the 150 Km and Dart Populaire.

Check the calendar for more details.