Wildcat Mountain Wander 300K

A new route for 2017, this one shares the first 90 or so miles with our “Back in Black (River Falls) 400K” route. Our plan is to hold these two along with the “Cranberry Country 600K” on the same day so riders at all three distances can enjoy the first few miles of their rides with friends doing other routes.

The route has some testing climbs, especially the long climb up the eponymous Wildcat Mountain, but nothing too severe. Ridewithgps reports 7115 feet of climb in the 195 mile distance for an average of 36 feet/mile which is generally considered “hilly”. There aren’t any “shift all the way down and grind” sorts of climbs, mostly “pick your gear and spin” (assuming of course you aren’t riding a 39×25 as your easiest gear!).

There are plenty of food opportunities along the route with c-stores and/or restaurants available in Ontario, Norwalk, Warrens, Sparta, Cashton and LaFarge. This being the small town midwest you can expect everything to fold up at 22:00 so plan your food/water stops accordingly.

This is a lovely route on mostly quiet two-lane roads. Try it, you’ll like it!