Tour of the Driftless 1000K

We ran this route for the first time in 2018 and have run it every year since. Why? Here’s the scoop:

    1. ACP certified so it counts for R5000, R10000 awards.
    2. Ideal for those chasing RUSA cups – 1000K’s are hard to find! Most are 1000K options tacked on to 1200K’s and if you’ve ridden 1000K you might as well get credit for the full Grand Randonnee.
    3. Goes through 4 states (WI, MN, IL, IA) for those chasing American Explorer states. How often can you do that in a single ride outside of New England?
    4. Low cost ($40).
    5. Three loops out of a hotel so no screwing around with drop bags.
    6. Host hotel rooms have fridge and microwave so you can stock up with whatever is your pleasure. Finish riding, throw some food in the microwave while you shower, eat, hit the sack.
    7. 3 days of riding in the beautiful Driftless region – does it get any better?
    8. Excellent training for other events! This is the perfect distance and time to polish off your training prior to PBP.
Sold yet? OK, here are theĀ  details:
Day One: 233.6 miles, 10,170 feet of climbing. Route here
Day Two: 216.9 miles, 8,679 feet of climbing. Route here
Day Three: 180.2 miles, 5,992 feet of climbing. Route here

Note (11 June): the day two route has been changed to avoid a road closure on US-60 in Wauzeka.

The ride starts in the back parking lot of the White House Ramada Inn in Richland Center (608)-647-8869 so that’s the most convenient place to stay. See the note in the FAQ, the hotel is very popular for weddings so it tends to fill up so book early. An alternate is the Center Lodge (608)-647-8988 which is about 1/2 mile away via a bike trail in the back of the hotel. Both hotels have refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms so you can stock up with your pre and post-ride beverages or food.

This is an unsupported, low cost event. There are places along the route for food/water so there are no aid stations, sag support, etc. It is the riders responsibility to insure they’re equipped to handle the weather conditions (heat/cold) during the ride. The longest sections without access to food/water are ridden early in the day when the weather is milder but there are a few 40 mile stretches that can be quite challenging if it’s extremely hot. Be prepared! A Camelbak or extra water bottle is always a good idea if conditions are extreme.
No qualification is required for the ride and there is no rider limit.
Pre-registration is required for this event.
More info on the ride can be found here.